A Scattering of Fortunes: Riddle Reels

Put on your reading glasses, because the world’s finest detective, Sherlock Holmes, has a case that needs solving. This slot from Play’n GO lets you take on the criminal underground in a bonus game full with clues and beat them at their own game. A crime without a weapon, and enormous gains for those who can bring the components together.

Although he wasn’t the first fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes is the most ubiquitous. The first appearance of the secretive pipe-smoking, deerstalker-wearing investigator was in A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887. The proper term is “study” in this context. The man gained notoriety for his ability to piece together an individual’s history from a single glance. Play’n GO’s ethereal slot, Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches, will test players’ deductive abilities.

Actually, it’s more a matter of chance, but it’s still entertaining to play pretend every once in a while. The sleuthing is done on a 3×3 grid with 9 fixed paylines, as in a traditional fruit machine. The game’s atmosphere is reminiscent of Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay, despite being situated in Victorian-era London’s seedy underbelly. The structure is the same, the symbols look the same, and there are some decorative flourishes on the reels. Both have a retro appeal while also increasing in complexity in the bonus round.

Riddle Reels may be played on any device from 10 p/c up to $/€100 per spin, and it has a medium volatility rating of 5/10 and an RTP of 96.22% by default. Always do your homework before playing a Play’n GO game because the RTP is configurable at a lower level and the operators have some say in it. Due to the fruit slot aspects, the hit frequency is probably on the lower end of the spectrum, but Play’n GO never says.

There are a total of eight pay symbols, with the lower-paying weapon symbols sitting on one side and the higher-paying suspects on the other. Weapons include a noose, a tool, a knife, and a pistol, valued 0.4 to 1 times the stake. A purple lady, a man in green glasses, a golden damsel, and a sinister-looking man with a cane are the higher-paying suspects. These items have values between 2 and 12 times the initial investment.

Wilds are handy here, and the game gives three of them. All regular pay symbols can be replaced by any of the three variations of the wild symbol (the regular, the x2, and the x3 versions). When there is more than one multiplier wild in play, its total effects add up to x27. A line of three x3 wilds pays 324 times the bet, as compared to the 12x payout for a line of three regular wilds.

Case of Wealth (Riddle Reels)

The core gameplay is simple, but there are a few optional additions that provide depth. These include the respin, the secret feature, and the bonus round. Everything works in conjunction with the scatter icon.

If there are scatters in view on two reels, then the Respin feature is triggered. If there are two scatters on two consecutive reels, those reels will remain locked while the third is respun. In the event that no additional scatters appear during the respin, the Mystery feature will be activated. A suspect or a weapon symbol is revealed when a scatter symbol covers an entire reel.

If you get three scatter symbols in any position on the reels, you’ll activate the free spins bonus round. Things are about to get more complicated, so you’ll need to use your deductive reasoning skills. A game board with 14 squares is given to the players, and each square contains a clue. There are a total of five clues available thanks to this function; you’ll get the first one right away and the other four as you explore the board. After rolling four dice, each player advances one to six places. Free spins (1–3) and spin variety (1–4) are awarded for each clue location. This includes:

The various weapon icons all represent the same actual weapon.

The suspect icons all represent the same person.

An assuredly wacky spin.

Nothing, maybe next time you’ll be lucky.

Players need 1, 2, or 4 winning spins while using their free spins to solve the puzzle. This adds to the Clue Points on the Clue Point Wheel. After making 4 rolls with the dice, if the player’s Mega Spin meter is full, they get one extra mega spin. In a Mega Spin, one of the reels is completely wild (or a multiplier wild), while the other two reels feature either a criminal or a weapon, and you get one free spin as a result. It is possible to retrigger the bonus after the Mega Spin.

After rolling 4 dice, if the meter is still empty, the Clue Point Wheel function will activate. If the arrow lands in the charged area while the meter spins, a Mega Spin is rewarded.

A Case of Wealth on the Riddle Reels: The Verdict

Okay, now it’s our turn to engage in some inductive reasoning with the aid of a pipe and a hat. There are two distinct phases of Riddle Reels. The main game is a 3×3 grid of easy action, but the extras may get complicated—at least on paper, if not in practice. If it was a little bit of a riddle on paper, no worries, the features will make sense in action. To put it simply, you move around a board, solving puzzles for spins and rewards.

Although not everyone may enjoy Riddle Reels, there are certain benefits. One positive aspect is that the bonus round might go on for a while, providing some playtime for your money. The feature’s potential payouts of up to 5,000 times the initial wager are also impressive.

Riddle Reels is more of a delightful little stroll down Baker Street than a powerful gambling tool, and it features an in-depth bonus game. The visuals are nice, although a touch basic; yet, the theme’s cartoon treatment fits in well with the game’s features and mood.

To me, Riddle Reels feels like a theme park version of a seedy area of London; nasty, but not too gritty. Some gamblers may be turned off by this comparison; that’s fine; lots of people prefer to “play it safe” when they want to have fun. Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches is essentially a fruit machine of the modern era, but one with many more features. It’s hardly a masterpiece, but it’s another high-quality offering from Play’n GO.






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